One Medical

I recently moved to the Bay Area and was in search of a new primary care physician. I’ve had success with starting on Yelp to find physicians with stellar ratings. Generally, I’ve found that if people take the time to say good things about their experience with you, it’s a good indicator that you’re an above average doctor, dentist, restaurant, etc.

I found a doctor that I was interested in and eventually ended up on a website called One Medical is a chain of healthcare clinics and as of January 2020 is a publicly traded company. What’s interesting about OneMedical is they charge a $200 annual membership fee that’s not covered by insurance. The membership gets you access to their in-person care and online resources.

The best way for me to think of it is: you know how terrible the experience is when interacting with you healthcare provider? The bad website, the clunky video visit platform, the challenge of booking an appointment online. etc — you’re basically paying for all that to be a great experience. Here’s what you get with your membership:

  • 24/7 on-demand virtual care
  • Online appointment booking including same- or next-day appointments
  • Guaranteed appointment start times
  • Messaging with your provider team
  • View your health records
  • Longer, more personal visits

I think the idea of paying out of pocket just to be able to access healthcare is a little jarring, but I think if it’s true what One Medical is promising then the $200 membership may be well worth it.