Melissa Perri on Agile.FM

Melissa Perri recently sat down Jochen Krebs on the Agile.FM podcast to discuss product management.

Podcast Summary

  • The first check to see if an organization focuses on outcomes over outputs is looking at how they judge success. Are they taking what they’re building and connecting it back to customers through OKRs and goals?
  • The product management role is responsible for ensuring the organization is building the right thing. PMs synthesize a lot of information to make decisions on what to build now and define how to measure success.
  • Larger corporations don’t understand the value of product management as it related to scaling their business. It’s harder for companies who didn’t grow up through software. SaaS companies understand PMs connect technology to the business.
  • Product management is a business function. And technology is your business these days. It’s critical to building software companies and product needs a seat an the executive table.