Every couple of years I refresh my website with the goal of showcasing my personal and professional growth. In 2019, I decided to transition from my previous domain of DanHuynh.co to DanHuynh.io. The .co domain name is quite confusing for people because it’s so similar to .com. Especially for my email address, some people accidentally tack on the “m” at the end assuming it’s a .com. I chose the *.io extension because it’s becoming more common, especially within the product community. It’s also a short and memorable TLD.

The new website is run off of WordPress like the former website. I’m using the GeneratePress theme which has been known to be great from a performance perspective. The WP Super Cache plugin to help increase the speed of the site. I also installed an SSL certificate so the website sits behind HTTPS.

DanHuynh.io is going to be a hub for product management writings and resources. It’s a way for me to reflect on my growth as a product person, while trying to share knowledge I’ve acquired over the years. I hope you enjoy your stay. Please feel free to connect ([email protected]) with me — I’m always happy to talk product.